Tip of the day – Natural sweetener! No more chocolate!

Carob - carob powder- carob syrup from cretansoilCarob is a healthy cocoa-chocolate substitute  or a natural sweetener if you prefer. It is rich in vitamins A , B , B2 , B3 and D provide many minerals and trace elements. Carobs, help in digestion, decrease cholesterol levels, relieve diarrhea in infants and adults, relieves asthma, ( whether caused by allergies or not) , soothe coughs and colds , containing Gallic acid and help prevent polio .

According to the oldest Cretans carob is known to help increase libido and sperm count ;)

Among the products which can produced with carob is: carob flour, coffee beverage type, the carob oil , carob syrup and the substitute tea carob. Of these various kinds such as prepared pudding , cakes , cookies and milkshakes .

Carob has a long history of human consumption. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus recorded 4 BC that his countrymen Greeks called carob ” Egyptian fig .”

There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians used carob . Pods and carob seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs. Also the Romans ate the peels carob for its natural sweetness while still green and fresh .

Therefore, carob as a food is not a recent discovery. As older people say here in Crete, carob was our chocolate, our sweet and our prize which we had to win in our days! Is one of the ” Lost Treasures of Crete .”

Especially in Crete cultivation of carob was widespread. In periods of occupation of Crete , such as German , thousands of families were able to survive the harvest and consumption of wild bean . Were used to prepare various types mainly flour until …. “Brown ” as they called a brew based locust .

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Have you used carob or any of its products before??? If so inform us or the others, reading this post!! Thaaanks!!