The indescribable love and care of a mother

beeswax cream for babies-aloe vera gelHi guys!
I just wanted to share a recent story with you. Last week I received an email from a mother who was upset because her baby had been irritated by the diaper (diaper rash). She told me that the baby girl is sensitive to almost everything and did not want to put ointments with chemical ingredients… the second mother has a baby, suffered from wounds to his

legs some from scratches, some from skin sensitivity like boils etc, so she went to see a doctor who insisted on a treatment, then she went for a second opinion to another one who told her something different and long story short, he asked me to tell her my opinion on the subject …

I discuss with both of them and I recommended two amazing products, which I have used myself and to heal some wounds to my nieces. The first was the gel aloe vera from bioaroma and the second the beeswax cream for babies again from bioaroma. I know that both (all the products we offer in the store are natural) of these products  are 100% natural and pure and generally from discussions with my costumers-friends, only good things are heard about those products, so I shipped the products to them, asking to notify me for the results! They both received their packages the same day (last Wednesday), and they notify me that everything was good.

Yesterday evening I received the first answer for the results and this morning the second one. Both responses I got was very positive! They first told me that they didn’t believe her own eyes for the effects of the cream on wounds on her baby, the second mother claimed “what a marvellous product this is!! Godsend to us” Those words really touched me… I was sitting there and staring the email… she continued because she didn’t even know my name and she wrote “Mr CretanSoil the results are Unbelievable! And only in two days!! God bless you”… My name is George by the way. I was very happy and very touched by those words…I could not believe that I was the guy that helped those two different women, to find the same solution to two different problems. I always discuss with my customers but with these mothers was different.

Maybe because I and my wife waiting our baby to born next month and of course I would like to have someone to guide me for the best solutions, maybe of the words in the conversation…I don’t know…. I just wanted to let you know that I am here to help everyone, if I can, and through this blog and your comments, I would like to help each other, no matter the problem, no matter the person. Thank you for reading this!

George Sfirakis