How to Make a Molded Candle for Christmas

Here is something interested that I found while searching for Christmas…. :)
Homemade gifts are always appreciated. This basic molded candle is an inexpensive gift idea and even better, you can customize the candle colors and scents with your recipients in mind. Why not start a new Christmas tradition and give homemade gifts to family and friends? Click here to find out more

Why is Sugar so Bad for You?

carob syrup - natural sweetenetCarbohydrates are very important to living beings. So, why is sugar so bad for you? You need carbohydrates in your diet to provide energy to each cell, to supply your brain with glucose, and to furnish fuel for muscles and organs. All your DNA and RNA molecules have a sugar molecule in them. In fact, if you don’t eat enough carbohydrates, your body breaks down muscle tissue to make some! Continue reading

How winter affects your skin

winter-skin-beautyWinter is the favorite season for the majority of women. The cold blush to our cheeks , snowflakes fall gently around us, the rain gives us her own melody as it falls and we all desire to highlight our face as it is usually the only part of the body that is exposed during winter season. Continue reading

Tip of the day – Natural sweetener! No more chocolate!

Carob - carob powder- carob syrup from cretansoilCarob is a healthy cocoa-chocolate substitute  or a natural sweetener if you prefer. It is rich in vitamins A , B , B2 , B3 and D provide many minerals and trace elements. Carobs, help in digestion, decrease cholesterol levels, relieve diarrhea in infants and adults, relieves asthma, ( whether caused by allergies or not) , soothe coughs and colds , containing Gallic acid and help prevent polio .

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The indescribable love and care of a mother

beeswax cream for babies-aloe vera gelHi guys!
I just wanted to share a recent story with you. Last week I received an email from a mother who was upset because her baby had been irritated by the diaper (diaper rash). She told me that the baby girl is sensitive to almost everything and did not want to put ointments with chemical ingredients… the second mother has a baby, suffered from wounds to his

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