olive oil benefits – Why olive oil is so important?

What are the benefits of olive oil and the last years more and more people are dealing with it? Why is it so important?

CretanSoil- Extra virgin olive oilWell the truth is that olive oil has been a core natural food product for the Mediterranean region since bronze-age. Except from nutrition it was -and still is- essential product for a large number of other uses.

Olive oil benefits are extended all the time through new positive attributes not only as a food product but also in other areas such as:

It was so important that it could not escape being used in religious ceremonies, even today. It is said that the olive tree was a gift to humanity from Athena the Greek goddess. A lot of people reffer to olive oil as liguid gold and one of the famous cardiologists, suggests two spoons of extra virgin olive oil each day to benefit your heart and your well being!

It is true that during the last decades it has been found that its health related properties were not just established beliefs or myths. It has been scientifically substantiated that its benefits for health can be attributed to its wealth of compounds such as:

  • vitamin E,
  • phenolic compounds (which are powerful antioxidants and protect LDL cholesterol from oxidative damage)
  • the mono-unsaturated oleic acid (highly present in olive oil) helps maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.

Olive oil improves blood lipid profile. In fact, olive oil could be considered as the lipid ‘heart’ of Mediterranean diet.

What you need to know about the olive oil to get those benefits

  • Not all olive oils are the same.
  • Olive fruit presence in the above beneficial constituents depends on the climate and environmental conditions and also on the quality of farmer’s practices up to harvest.
  • In the olive oil mill, the process to produce olive oil from the olive fruit with minimal losses of the valuable ingredients is determined by the term ‘gently’.
  • The olives must be harvested before their final maturity, ie when are green aubergines, since the quality of the oil is much better than that of the oil extracted from the fully ripe fruit.
  • The “extra virgin olive oil” is oil ‘natural juice’, which contains intact all the key ingredients also contained in the olives (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.) and thus one that has all the natural health and beauty benefits.
  • The “extra virgin olive oil” are classified according to their content of free fatty acids (acidity) and any particular characteristics for each category.

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