How To Lose 10 Pounds In A Week With This Effective Diet

10-pounds-in-weekThis is a very effective diet in which you will lose 10 pounds in 1 week. It is full of useful ingredients, and has been proven to be fast and effective.


Take a glass of mild warm water and add 3 Tablespoon of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice, mix it well and drink it before breakfast once daily for all 7 days. Lemon Juice on empty stomach help with  purification of toxins and activation of metabolism.

Half an hour after you drink the lemon water you should eat two apples or two oranges, or even better one grapefruit. You may add 1/2 cup of organic nuts, almonds, or hazelnuts. The nuts contain antioxidants are the most useful because they clean the body from free radicals and activate the metabolism.


You may eat either 5 ounces of organic boneless skinless chicken breast or 5 ounces of organic veal. With this add 1 container of organic Greek yogurt.


You should either eat 1 banana or a small organic green salad.

Banana is basically a complete energy fruit. With lost of fiber its easily digested and gets into your bloodstream, providing energy, and its completely fat free. High fiber content found in banana helps in lowering cholesterol in the body. Banana reduces your calorie intake and thus helps you in healthy weight loss.


It consists of two hard boiled organic eggs plus organic green salad with some slices of cucumbers with olive oil and a little salt. After 6 pm do not eat anything.

Make a liter of green tea (in 1 liter of water put 4 bags of tea), which is to drink before bedtime.

Green Tea is probably the most healthiest weight loss drink. Three cups a day of green tea can help you burn 80 calories. Imagine burning calories while enjoying tasty and fabulous green tea. I would recommend Bigelow Organic Green Tea. You may add a wedge of lemon to it if you prefer. Of course decaf is better for bedtime if you have a problem with going to sleep.

This is the menu for about a week or 10 days, depending on the weight you want to lose. In 7 days you should lose 10 pounds. I wish you great success!

source: Organic Health